Government Solar Grants

Yes you have read the title to this page right, we are talking about FREE solar panels through the government feed in tariff which has create a whole industry around the web of companies such as ashadegreener who are happy to pay to install the solar panels, maintain them for 25 years and let you use all of the free electricity you desire! It sounds to good to be true and if what my grandad told me, always beware of things that are to good to be true - but let me explain a little about what they get out of the deal.

Through the feed in tariff, the government (well the big 6 energy companies are forced to) pay x amount to the person who generates the electricity - for every kwh generated! Note that the word generated means what is created, and not what is fed back into the national grid (This is the key point that gives you free electricity). So what a number of companies like ashadegreener are doing, is installing there solar panels on as many roofs as possible to get as much of this tariff back. Now the tariff ends 25 years after the date of installation - so as you can see there is a vested interest in making sure the solar 0panels are working efficiently! 

However to be able to receive the money from the government, they have to be MCA approved, another great advantage for the homeowner is the fact that whilst they are MCA approved, they can connect upto the grid and this removes any limitations from anywhere else on the website!

So the installer gets paid the feed in tariff money, I use the electricity Free of charge, and nothing goes back to the grid - where does the government win?

The government have been set targets to produce 30% of all electricity used by 2020 to be created by renewable means - now this is some target and there clearly will be severe financial consequences if they do not hit this target!

As you can see - it really is a win win situation, unless you are the fat cat at one of the top 6 energy companies financing this - but then again your already a winner as you have to much money!

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