How to Install Solar Kits

To many people, this will be quite a daunting task (myself included) due to the heights involved - however what you must always remember is that you need to ensure yours and others safety first when fitting a solar kit, and then worry about the kit.

There are many dangers, from slipping off the roof to electricuting yourself - and whilst we hope none of these happen - they are done at your own risk and we are not liable in any way!

We would reccomend setting up in the following order:

1. Fit the solar panels to the roof using the bracketry provided in teh fashion set forward in the instructions.

2. Insert all of the solar panel wiring into the roof space, this is where it gets a little interesting on the wiring. You must ensure that you wire all of the solar panels together in parrallel (This is positive to positive) rather than serial (negative to positive) as this will ensure your solar system remains 12v and not boosted to 24v.

3. Locate your batteries, ensureing they are in a well ventilated environment (the loft was ideal for us)

4. Run all of the wiring to the batteries from the solar panels, ensuring you do not damage the insulation, and your joints are well insulated!

5. Mount the battery charge controller on the wall near the batteries and connect as per the connection instructions

6. Run a high voltage line to wear you are going to have your plug sockets (240v) and fit these - DO NOT WIRE INTO THE MAINS UNLESS YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO DO SO - your life is at risk!

7. conect up the inverter as per its instructions

8. Enjoy your free electricity